Carl Dickerson - Chairman

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Carl Dickerson is the company's founder and Chairman of the Board. He began his career in the life insurance industry and quickly realized his passion lay in the health benefits arena. Today he shares management with his two sons-in-law Tony Lee and Michael Wolff, CEO and President respectively. Carl's long career has included service on many boards and committees and he has held many prominent positions with organizations such as the Los Angeles Urban League and Town Hall Los Angeles. He is committed to Dickerson's involvement with the communities served by the company and a strong advocate for ensuring healthcare is accessible to all. His wealth of experience is appreciated by the Dickerson clients and the team he leads.

Tony Lee - Chief Executive Officer

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Tony Lee is the company's CEO and oversees the Large Group department as well as the Property & Casualty division of the company. He was born in London and traveled extensively during his childhood, finally settling in California where he graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After working for several years in the entertainment industry, he joined Dickerson in the family business in 1997 and has garnered a reputation for innovative leadership in identifying creative solutions for the company's larger clients. Following in the footsteps of Carl Dickerson, he serves on several boards including the Los Angeles Urban League. During his tenure, he has helped Carl expand the company to include the addition of the rapidly growing Property & Casualty division specializing in large construction projects around the country. He has led the team in establishing a firm foothold in specialty markets where experience and knowledge of the applicable industry is appreciated.    

Michael Wolff - President

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Michael Wolff has worked for banks and insurance companies and gathered experience in finance and administration before joining Dickerson Employee Benefits in 2004. He serves as the company's President, formerly the COO and CFO. His primary focus after joining the company was to move from the sole proprietorship to a corporation, to streamline processes through the introduction of state-of-the-art technological solutions and develop new strategic partnerships to help Dickerson grow into a statewide General Agent and Authorized General Agent of Covered California. Today he oversees the Small Group division as well as the Financial and Operational issues for the company.